Masters and staff

Mooreland's Masters and Professional Staff members work hard to preserve the tradition of Foxhunting in the United States


Rhodri Jones-evans - Huntsman

Rhodri began his hunting career in the United States with the Midland Foxhounds as a professional Whipper-in. He then served as Kennel Huntsman for the Fox River Valley Hunt before accepting the position of Huntman with the Mooreland Hounds in May of 2005. 


Rachel phillips - professional whipper-in

Rachel was born in Nashville and grew up foxhunting with the Mells Hunt. She was also a member of the Cedar Hills Pony Club and an avid event rider in her early career. She became Mooreland's professional Whipper-in at the beginning of the 2013 Season. 



Mrs. Henry E. Crosby (Leslie) since 1993

Dr. Jon Rice Moody (Jack) since 1999

Mrs. Fennel Mauldin, Jr. (Evie) since 2005

Mrs. William G .St. John (Liz) since 2013


Honorary staff

B.J. Brown, Field Master

Mary Marshall VanSant, Field Master

Mrs. Henry E. Crosby, Honorary Whipper-In

Rebecca Beam, Honorary Whipper-In

Chris Pettey, Honorary Whipper-In